Today’s Dollar Store Finds

I took a trip to the dollar store today (Dollarama) to stock up on those little gloves as they were 2 for $1.25, which means if I lose a pair or even just one, I don’t really feel bad or if Kylee loses them, and while I was there I browsed through there AWESOME christmas selection and I picked up

Pine Cones ($2 for 5)
10 Awesome large Christmas rubber stamps for $2.50 (in total not each)
2 foamie Christmas craft sets Santa and his sleigh and a Nativity Scene ($2 each)
2 unfinished pine oval hanging plaques ($2 each)
4 things of Acrylic Paint, in Christmas Red, Christmas, Green, Black and Silver ($1 each)
Set of Paint Brushes Rub on Transfer letters and glue ($1 each)

In total $19.50 plus Tax

We are going to paint the pine cones (I need to go back for the glitter paint! I knew I should have picked it up) to make a centrepiece for either the coffee table or kitchen table

Kylee can amuse her self on moving day while hubby and I are unpacking with the two craft sets.

I think we shall use the plaques to make a door hanger for Nana and one for our new home, along with the paints and stampers and rub on transfers.

The Rubber Stamps have sparked my imagination and I think just a few of the projects we will use them for is

1) Kylee can make her own wrapping paper for the gifts she’s making with craft paper and the paint and stamps
2) Using Fabric Paint and making a tablecloth and dishtowels (maybe another gift for nana)
3) making our own christmas cards.

So many idea’s so little time before Christmas, but there is always next year 🙂

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Update—Bad Bad Blogger!

Yes so I left you hanging with my last post of being off to try my first project! I did and I swear I will edit this post to display a picture of my lovely new comfy pants!, but FYI don’t buy a large spool of “serger” thread for your sewing machine thinking your being cost effective, it is just pain in the rear as it won’t spin and you need to let the thread out every 3 seconds. But more on that later.

One of the other reasons I have been so neglectful of my bloggin duties is we are preparing for the move AND I picked up some freelance work in my old field.

Moving date is now 10 days from today and though I look around my house and THINK, we are on track and will be fine, I can’t help the sneaking suspision that it is going to totally sneak up on us and be a disaster of epic proportions. The Count is

Our Bedroom (odds and ends packed up, clothing is mostly packed and uncluttered and garbage free, including old clothes that I won’t be repurposing for my bastardized sewing projects)
Our Bathroom ) uncluttered and packed except for Razors, makeup, blow dryer, brush, Toothbrushes and paste and 2 rolls of toliet paper)
Living Room/Dining Room (pictures candles and knick knacks packed, Books and odds and ends packed)

Left to Do
Front Hall (gather camping equipment thats currently stewn everywhere, unclutter and pack what I can (what will fit) in boxes)
Kylee’s Bathroom (unclutter)
Kylee’s Room (stuffy’s packed, clothes gone through, toys donated, now to finishs packing and cleaning)
Kitchen (EVERYTHING, but we plan to put the contents of our cuboards into the car when we go to paint instead of packing it for moving)

wheeeewwwwwww, I m tired just thinking about it, hopefully get my ass in gear this weekend and knock out a bunch of these TO DO’s 🙂

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So, as mentioned in my last post, my not quite hubby got my very belated sewing machine birthday present this past weekend, and after spending yesterday rained in at work and dealing with my iphone issues, I finally had a chance today to go down to Dressew (Homer & Hastings) and look around to start building stock of supplies I will need for all my crafty/sewing/ designing adventures ! 

During my trip I  realized purchasing items will require moving said items in two weeks so I just picked up basic items like pins, black and white thread, measuring tape, and a stitch ripper (oh how good was I in the midst of all that glorious fabric), but I did get to thinking about the industrial size garbage bag of clothes that I gathered this morning, while ruthlessly slimming down the contents of my closet (if I haven’t worn it in 6 months or longer…..gone, if its not in good shape…….gone) before work, and realized there is quite a few opportunities for modifying existing things or completely repurposing them 🙂

So I sit here at work scouring the internet for wonderful ideas of what I can whipp up quickly to statisfy that urge I have to design and create at the moment.

I had seen a different tutorial for this same project (T-shirt to comfy Yoga pants) but I can’t find it and therefore give proper credit where credit is due but I found this one instead

So I am going to try and whip up these pants tonoight using one of my not quite hubby’s t-shirts if he can spare a large one 🙂

And on top of that peice of luck the website where I found the how-to is apparently ridiculously awesome! tons of neat projects I can’t even wait to try AND submit one of my own.

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Monday, Monday Monday………..

So lets recap…………this weekend, my bestest best friend ever came to town! yay! but in the course of our adult activities, my iphone and my passport AND my brand spankin new copy of the Black Ops, where all stolen.  Ok Black Ops is replaced, my passport that will take sometime and well a phone should be easy to replace right?  ……. Right? fudge! not one iphone is in stock for Rogers, wtf?  I was excited to upgrade to a iphone 4…..not in stock, thats okay I ll just stick with my iphone 3gs………….nope none of those either 😦 I feel naked its now been more than 48 hours since I had a phone, my phone! argggghhhhhh now you might say well whats the big deal, but my phone is such a huge part of my life I am kind of at a loss, though I feel quite free at the moment.

Here is to hoping I can replace it today :s

Now on the flip side, I got my new sewing machine, acomplished some packing and played a teeny tiny little bit of Black Ops 🙂

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Free Stuff!

So I ve been at work for an hour now……..and have done zip except look up free samples by mail on the internet, I guess my rediscovery of yesterday has set off my need for FREE STUFF!

Do you know any awesome Free Samples websites?

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Decorating our new place

I have a new plan, I think since I have a possession of the new place a few days prior to the actual move that I think we should spend two evenings painting. Plan tomorrow paint colors for the bedrooms and living areas and research tile paint and/or solutions for that awful awful bathroom!

Chocolate brown for the living room, beige for the kitchen or carry the chocolate all the way through, our room. Tbd and kylee will get chalkboard paint and color!

To be continued…………….

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Just remembered all about Bzzagent……

I like free stuff, and i bet you like free stuff too, now don’t you 🙂

This is a website I found a few years ago which has an awesome premise, you participate in surveys and based on your answers they match you up with marketing campaigns that you would be interested in.  Back when I first found it I participated in several of their Marketing campaigns including:

Lancôme Ôscillation Mascara – I got a free mascara worth 30 bucks that was AWESOME, really one of the best mascara’s ever!

Nabob Coffee – I got 4 cans of fair trade coffee, something I might not have tried in the store since a) I didn’t know a lot about it and b) the price is slightly higher, but now I get it all the time

Nicorette(R) Extreme Chill Gum – I got several packages which I was able to give to a close friend when they where quitting, and got them to review it for me 🙂

and several other neat things.  I don’t remember why I stopped going to the website but am quite excited to be back, so expect some BZZZ to be happening on this blog 😉 

Regardless you should check it out and let know who refered you 😉

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