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Sewing Projects: In progress

> I have finally started a few sewing projects for myself, as I got absolutly nothing done over the holidays but spend time with friends and family and relax 🙂 so on my last day of vacation I decided that … Continue reading

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Craftster and SWAPS! :)

So one of the things I have discovered on the previously mentioned is something called swaps Swaps (from the website) Organized swaps take place on Craftster in the Craft Swaps board. Swaps come in many shapes, sizes, and forms, … Continue reading

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Christmas Crafts, Gifts and Plans — UPDATE

We will now be sending the package to nana priority on Monday, I got through the cup cosy after fighting with my machine for half an hour to thread a stupid bobbin……… before I gave up, during the week after … Continue reading

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Christmas Crafts, Gifts and Plans….OH MY!!

I have put off helping Kylee make her Christmas presents for as long as possible so we can get organized but realized yesterday that I was running out of time, so I went up Dressew (best store EVER!) today and … Continue reading

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Today’s Dollar Store Finds

I took a trip to the dollar store today (Dollarama) to stock up on those little gloves as they were 2 for $1.25, which means if I lose a pair or even just one, I don’t really feel bad or … Continue reading

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Update—Bad Bad Blogger!

Yes so I left you hanging with my last post of being off to try my first project! I did and I swear I will edit this post to display a picture of my lovely new comfy pants!, but FYI … Continue reading

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So, as mentioned in my last post, my not quite hubby got my very belated sewing machine birthday present this past weekend, and after spending yesterday rained in at work and dealing with my iphone issues, I finally had a chance … Continue reading

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