Sewing Projects: In progress

I have finally started a few sewing projects for myself, as I got absolutly nothing done over the holidays but spend time with friends and family and relax šŸ™‚ so on my last day of vacation I decided that I better get my rear in gear and I started on the purse/bag that I wanted and a new pair of work pants. I finished neither but I swear I have good reasons. The bag I decided to wing and not use a pattern, cause obviously I am quite skilled and know everything….. do you see where I am going with this?…….. Structurally the bag is fine its just 2.5X the size I wanted it to be lmao. I wanted a bag big enough to hold all my goodies and lunch and maybe some work papers, but one that didn’t scream TOTE BAG! so its sitting unfinished without handles on the back of my dining room chair waiting for me to figure out how to reconstruct it without tearing it apart and I have come up with this


Its beautiful I know, but I really love the fabric and I love the bag it just needs to be of a more practical size.

As for the pants, I can only blame my machine…….the bobbin winder drives me mad……..and not in a good way either, it doesn't wind straight, it won't wind the thread on the Bobbin but below it on the winder…..I fight and fight with it and ended up wasting a TON of thread, so I ran out of specific thread that I was using and I am not sure what I want to do with the waistband, but I have had a terrific idea this afternoon, I am going to put on a yoga pant waist band a) no one will see it and b) its comfy šŸ™‚ for those bloated I hate my life I m so fat days and Ill just use some black thread to finish it off


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