Christmas Crafts, Gifts and Plans….OH MY!!

I have put off helping Kylee make her Christmas presents for as long as possible so we can get organized but realized yesterday that I was running out of time, so I went up Dressew (best store EVER!) today and while browsing for materials for our projects, I came a cross an end of the roll bin……… greatest discovery EVER! I got a ton of fabric in either the perfect amounts or wayyyy too much for what I need, but will be a great start on the scrap fabric bucket 🙂 I also got a fairly large bag of random trims that has some pretty kick ass things in it like elastic shag, fake fur, chain etc and it was…….drumrollllllllll………….. 1.99!

To do list for tonight

1) Organize either Kylee’s room or mine to set up the sewing craft table, unpack sewing machine
2) Teach Kylee about cutting out patterns
3) Teach Kylee to use the sewing machine
4) prepare cut and sew
a) Glasses Case for Nana
b) Cup Cozy for Nana
c) Tissue Holder for Nana (as I am typing I am remembering I must bring home a small package of tissue place in it:)
d) Sewing a Tea Bag Holder to go with the nice poem I found
e) Sewing a pillow cover
f) Letting Kylee Iron and sew on the decorations for the gifts.

Just typing that out reminds me I only have like 3 hours to get all that done in :s

I would love to get Nana’s package in transit to her tomorrow, either Purolator or CP.
Scratch that I MUST get Nana’s package in transit tomorrow, so I might need to do the actual sewing and just have her do the planning and decorating.

On another note, I have approximately 46.5 working hours left before I am on Christmas Vacation. Double YAY 😮 🙂 And based on my wonderful experience at Dressew today, I definitely need to make a stop there next week and pick up some stuff for projects while Kylee and I are on vacation, I am thinking curtains! clothes! bags! AWESOMENESS!


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