Update—Bad Bad Blogger!

Yes so I left you hanging with my last post of being off to try my first project! I did and I swear I will edit this post to display a picture of my lovely new comfy pants!, but FYI don’t buy a large spool of “serger” thread for your sewing machine thinking your being cost effective, it is just pain in the rear as it won’t spin and you need to let the thread out every 3 seconds. But more on that later.

One of the other reasons I have been so neglectful of my bloggin duties is we are preparing for the move AND I picked up some freelance work in my old field.

Moving date is now 10 days from today and though I look around my house and THINK, we are on track and will be fine, I can’t help the sneaking suspision that it is going to totally sneak up on us and be a disaster of epic proportions. The Count is

Our Bedroom (odds and ends packed up, clothing is mostly packed and uncluttered and garbage free, including old clothes that I won’t be repurposing for my bastardized sewing projects)
Our Bathroom ) uncluttered and packed except for Razors, makeup, blow dryer, brush, Toothbrushes and paste and 2 rolls of toliet paper)
Living Room/Dining Room (pictures candles and knick knacks packed, Books and odds and ends packed)

Left to Do
Front Hall (gather camping equipment thats currently stewn everywhere, unclutter and pack what I can (what will fit) in boxes)
Kylee’s Bathroom (unclutter)
Kylee’s Room (stuffy’s packed, clothes gone through, toys donated, now to finishs packing and cleaning)
Kitchen (EVERYTHING, but we plan to put the contents of our cuboards into the car when we go to paint instead of packing it for moving)

wheeeewwwwwww, I m tired just thinking about it, hopefully get my ass in gear this weekend and knock out a bunch of these TO DO’s 🙂


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