Today’s Dollar Store Finds

I took a trip to the dollar store today (Dollarama) to stock up on those little gloves as they were 2 for $1.25, which means if I lose a pair or even just one, I don’t really feel bad or if Kylee loses them, and while I was there I browsed through there AWESOME christmas selection and I picked up

Pine Cones ($2 for 5)
10 Awesome large Christmas rubber stamps for $2.50 (in total not each)
2 foamie Christmas craft sets Santa and his sleigh and a Nativity Scene ($2 each)
2 unfinished pine oval hanging plaques ($2 each)
4 things of Acrylic Paint, in Christmas Red, Christmas, Green, Black and Silver ($1 each)
Set of Paint Brushes Rub on Transfer letters and glue ($1 each)

In total $19.50 plus Tax

We are going to paint the pine cones (I need to go back for the glitter paint! I knew I should have picked it up) to make a centrepiece for either the coffee table or kitchen table

Kylee can amuse her self on moving day while hubby and I are unpacking with the two craft sets.

I think we shall use the plaques to make a door hanger for Nana and one for our new home, along with the paints and stampers and rub on transfers.

The Rubber Stamps have sparked my imagination and I think just a few of the projects we will use them for is

1) Kylee can make her own wrapping paper for the gifts she’s making with craft paper and the paint and stamps
2) Using Fabric Paint and making a tablecloth and dishtowels (maybe another gift for nana)
3) making our own christmas cards.

So many idea’s so little time before Christmas, but there is always next year 🙂


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