So, as mentioned in my last post, my not quite hubby got my very belated sewing machine birthday present this past weekend, and after spending yesterday rained in at work and dealing with my iphone issues, I finally had a chance today to go down to Dressew (Homer & Hastings) and look around to start building stock of supplies I will need for all my crafty/sewing/ designing adventures ! 

During my trip I  realized purchasing items will require moving said items in two weeks so I just picked up basic items like pins, black and white thread, measuring tape, and a stitch ripper (oh how good was I in the midst of all that glorious fabric), but I did get to thinking about the industrial size garbage bag of clothes that I gathered this morning, while ruthlessly slimming down the contents of my closet (if I haven’t worn it in 6 months or longer…..gone, if its not in good shape…….gone) before work, and realized there is quite a few opportunities for modifying existing things or completely repurposing them 🙂

So I sit here at work scouring the internet for wonderful ideas of what I can whipp up quickly to statisfy that urge I have to design and create at the moment.

I had seen a different tutorial for this same project (T-shirt to comfy Yoga pants) but I can’t find it and therefore give proper credit where credit is due but I found this one instead

So I am going to try and whip up these pants tonoight using one of my not quite hubby’s t-shirts if he can spare a large one 🙂

And on top of that peice of luck the website where I found the how-to is apparently ridiculously awesome! tons of neat projects I can’t even wait to try AND submit one of my own.


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