Monday, Monday Monday………..

So lets recap…………this weekend, my bestest best friend ever came to town! yay! but in the course of our adult activities, my iphone and my passport AND my brand spankin new copy of the Black Ops, where all stolen.  Ok Black Ops is replaced, my passport that will take sometime and well a phone should be easy to replace right?  ……. Right? fudge! not one iphone is in stock for Rogers, wtf?  I was excited to upgrade to a iphone 4…..not in stock, thats okay I ll just stick with my iphone 3gs………….nope none of those either 😦 I feel naked its now been more than 48 hours since I had a phone, my phone! argggghhhhhh now you might say well whats the big deal, but my phone is such a huge part of my life I am kind of at a loss, though I feel quite free at the moment.

Here is to hoping I can replace it today :s

Now on the flip side, I got my new sewing machine, acomplished some packing and played a teeny tiny little bit of Black Ops 🙂


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