Decorating the New Place — Pt 1.

I am quite excited about having a seperate laundry /pantry/ storage room! but again with the condition of the house I think it could use some work to make it a homey place for us, and being as it will more than likely take us at least 2 years to pull together enough of a downpayment to buy in our chosen neighbourhood, homey is good. PLUS I have never had the option to decorate the way I WANT IT TO BE.

I am not sure exactly what stuff that was in there is going to stay at this point but paint can work wonders and having a few idea’s is never a bad thing.

I have found a great wallpaper that will tie into the color I want to paint the kitchen,

The color is described as a Choclate brown (the pictures don’t seem to show that though lol) and Chocolate is the color I want to paint the kitchen, but more on that later……….

The wall paper retails at Home Depot for $33.97 Plus tax and that apparently covers 56 sq ft, now I have no idea how large the room is but I figure it cannot be more than 200 sq ft? right? actually I have no idea what 200 sq feet looks like LMAO but I ll get in there a measure and then have Arron figure out how much I need.

Now my second problem is I have no idea how to wall paper, I think I will have to look it up on line 🙂 but what is the worst that could happen? right?   Will post before and afters of course…….

Now storage!  this room I think will be used for storage, pantry, laundry and maybe pet stuff so I have found a few things that I think I will have to purchase.

I found this cabinet at home depot for $99.00 in white and I can paint it to match

and it looks quite large so I think I need to get one for a pantry and one for storage/laundry supplies I can paint them a blue to match the wall paper or the chocolate.

Also I will be getting the Hol storage bench for $99.00 from Ikea mentioned in another post that we will use to hide the cat box away once its been “Hacked”

I will also need some type of hanging thinga-ma-jings, for hanging laundry that doesn’t go in the dryer, but I need to figure out my wall space and layout first, also maybe a large floating shelf for folding laundry?………..ohh and a small freezer………….. man I might need to move to a bigger place already!

Total Cost
Wall Paper      $120 (I am estimating)
Cabinets X2   $225
Hol for IKEA $120
Etc                     $100

TOTAL             $565.00 (wow, decorating is expensive)


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