Decorating Pt2, The bathroom!

So the one area of this house that I really really have a problem with is the bathroom, the one and ONLY bathroom.  It looks like it hasn’t been updated in forever and I have a feeling no matter how much I clean it will never FEEL clean, so I have been looking for some cost-effective renovation tips, and though I know I will more than likely get out voted and not be able to implement them 😦 I can always keep them in mind for when we purchase our own place……….. though I do maybe hope that I can either talk our landlord in to buying the supplies and we will do the labour, or convincing Arron, to let me buy everything on the understanding that our landlord will reimburse us when we move or maybe taking the major items out and reinstalling the old ones.

STEP 1. – PAINT, nice clean white paint

STEP 2. Flooring! I found some really nice reasonably priced flooring on that would go with the flow I am creating of a warm welcoming bathroom, but I lost the picture and I have no realized that the flooring would depend on whether its my OWN bathroom or a rental.

Step 3. The vanity/sink:  I haven’t seen anything so ugly in a long long time, I shudder every time I think of it………  Of course with my discovery of, I got to thinking about a cost-effective but interesting vanity I could make myself, as I wanted something with lots of storage, counterspace and room for two! and anything on the market that meets all my requirements would cost me my first-born child.  I began by looking at some of the ideas on the ikea hack blog, and then searched the ikea website for something suitable and I cam across this :

The Hemnes Wall/Bridging Shelf for $102 bucks, not bad seems like it would make a neat floating vanity right easy to customise to insert the required plumbing, but not the lots of storage that I wanted  but when I was reading the website the little blurb about it says

Does not need to be attached to the wall when placed between, and attached to, two HEMNES bookcases or glass-door cabinets that are attached to the wall.

so Hmmmmm, I say what would that look like, so I found them and used good old Microsoft picture edit and created this

Now while excitedly showing everyone my utmost AWESOME bathroom vanity ikea hack creation, someone was nice enough to mention that you really really don’t want all that open shelving in a bathroom, with all the hair, makeup and dirt that goes on in there  so I found these great doors

and volia! (is that how you spell that?)  I have simply the best vanity EVER, lots of storage for a growing family. Add two floating sinks and some great faucets!

slap some exterior sealant to protect from water damage and or a piece of glass to the vanity top and pure HEAVEN

Oh and don’t forget a super duper backsplash

Shelf                    $102
Bookcases        $179 X 2
Doors                  $105 X2
Sinks/Faucet   $225

Total $1000.00 well I thought it was more cost effective LMAO but maybe not, but its soo pretty 🙂


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