Excuse me……

I wanted to apologize to all the folks out there I might have offended

Excuse me, I am sorry that I was standing closer to the door of the train/bus/elevator, I didn’t realize how important you were, and how you had much more important things to do, you were right to shove me.

Excuse me I m sorry, person on the bus/train, you are right your backpack most definitly needed that seat on the bus, please don’t mind my 6 year old and myself falling down in your lap becasue there was nothing to hang on too, and the bus comes to a sudden stop.

Excuse me translink, your right I was mistaken in thinking that paying you 10 dollars a day to get to work and back might entitile me to get to work on time, again my bad btw how much did your top executives make last year?

Excuse me overweight person for not giving up my seat to you during my commute at the end of the day, for the two stops you had to go, I should have realized its not your choice to live an unhealthy lifestyle.

Excuse me, I am sorry I couldn’t read your mind when you decided to change direction at the last moment and you walked in to me and gave me a dirty look, my bad I should have moved

Excuse me, I am sorry I can’t give you my change, able bodied man/woman/teenager, but see I got up at 5 this morning, to go to work to feed/clothe/shelter myself and my child, even though I didn’t want to, even though I had a bad childhood, have suffered from addiction and I never graduated high school

Excuse me, I m sorry I m not interested in having a drink with you, you see I mistakenly came out to night to hangout with my girlfriends, and I had accidenly met the man of my dreams years ago, not knowning that YOU would want to have a drink with me in the future

Excuse me automakers, Im sorry I can’t care about how much financial trouble you are in due to your own bad business sense, and the way you have run your industry, I am worried about who’s going to bail out our health care system, which is overwhelmed, overworked, underpaid, understaffed and not getting any better or our school system or universal childcare.

Excuse me, I m sorry I can’t get upset about cost over runs on the olympics, when there are thousands of people dying every day in Gaza, Sierra Leone, Africa and Darfur

Excuse me hollow tree in stanley park, I cannot donate my extra money to save you liek so many other vancouverite’s because, I feel what little I do have could be put to better use like donating to womens shelters, homelss shelters, reading programs basically anything to do with social programs….

Excuse me, my bad


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