Sewing Projects: In progress

I have finally started a few sewing projects for myself, as I got absolutly nothing done over the holidays but spend time with friends and family and relax 🙂 so on my last day of vacation I decided that I better get my rear in gear and I started on the purse/bag that I wanted and a new pair of work pants. I finished neither but I swear I have good reasons. The bag I decided to wing and not use a pattern, cause obviously I am quite skilled and know everything….. do you see where I am going with this?…….. Structurally the bag is fine its just 2.5X the size I wanted it to be lmao. I wanted a bag big enough to hold all my goodies and lunch and maybe some work papers, but one that didn’t scream TOTE BAG! so its sitting unfinished without handles on the back of my dining room chair waiting for me to figure out how to reconstruct it without tearing it apart and I have come up with this


Its beautiful I know, but I really love the fabric and I love the bag it just needs to be of a more practical size.

As for the pants, I can only blame my machine…….the bobbin winder drives me mad……..and not in a good way either, it doesn't wind straight, it won't wind the thread on the Bobbin but below it on the winder…..I fight and fight with it and ended up wasting a TON of thread, so I ran out of specific thread that I was using and I am not sure what I want to do with the waistband, but I have had a terrific idea this afternoon, I am going to put on a yoga pant waist band a) no one will see it and b) its comfy 🙂 for those bloated I hate my life I m so fat days and Ill just use some black thread to finish it off

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Craftster and SWAPS! :)

So one of the things I have discovered on the previously mentioned is something called swaps

Swaps (from the website)
Organized swaps take place on Craftster in the Craft Swaps board. Swaps come in many shapes, sizes, and forms, but the basic idea is that you make a great crafty package that meets the swap’s theme and requirements and takes into consideration your partner’s wishes and preferences. You send the package you created to them and they send the package they created to you! Swaps are lots of fun; they can motivate you to create something really great and it’s often a fun challenge because there’s a certain theme to follow. Plus, you get something original in return!

I was eager once I discovered the True Blood swap to participate in a swap of myself, so I found one (since I missed the True Blood swap sadly 😦 ) that I liked and thought would be a good start its the OTT X-files Swap (Ott meaning One Tiny Thing no bigger than 4X4).

The cut off for sign up is the 10th of this month and then I will find out who my partner is, but I have brainstorming ideas since I signed up and I am quite excited to both send and receive. Once I have my OTT sent I will put it up and show 🙂

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Real Life resumes…. And I promise to be a better blogger and other new years resolutions :)

So January 4th is upon us and it’s back to work, school etc…. On my commute this morning I was congratulating myself on bringing my lunch and I decided that it should be one of my resolutions, then I remembered I hadn’t really made any resolutions so I am doing that today

1) bring lunch and stop wasting money buying it everyday
2) do at least an hour of physical activity a day
3) drink 8 glasses of water
4) help kylee with her school work at least 1/2 hour everyday
5) blog at least 3 times a week
6) go to bed with a clean kitchen everyday
7) cut down to 10 cigs a day except drinking evenings
8) save money pay off debt!

There those are my resolutions for 2011.

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Christmas Crafts, Gifts and Plans — UPDATE

We will now be sending the package to nana priority on Monday, I got through the cup cosy after fighting with my machine for half an hour to thread a stupid bobbin……… before I gave up, during the week after work and school and daycare we are just to tired for serious crafting………….

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Christmas Crafts, Gifts and Plans….OH MY!!

I have put off helping Kylee make her Christmas presents for as long as possible so we can get organized but realized yesterday that I was running out of time, so I went up Dressew (best store EVER!) today and while browsing for materials for our projects, I came a cross an end of the roll bin……… greatest discovery EVER! I got a ton of fabric in either the perfect amounts or wayyyy too much for what I need, but will be a great start on the scrap fabric bucket 🙂 I also got a fairly large bag of random trims that has some pretty kick ass things in it like elastic shag, fake fur, chain etc and it was…….drumrollllllllll………….. 1.99!

To do list for tonight

1) Organize either Kylee’s room or mine to set up the sewing craft table, unpack sewing machine
2) Teach Kylee about cutting out patterns
3) Teach Kylee to use the sewing machine
4) prepare cut and sew
a) Glasses Case for Nana
b) Cup Cozy for Nana
c) Tissue Holder for Nana (as I am typing I am remembering I must bring home a small package of tissue place in it:)
d) Sewing a Tea Bag Holder to go with the nice poem I found
e) Sewing a pillow cover
f) Letting Kylee Iron and sew on the decorations for the gifts.

Just typing that out reminds me I only have like 3 hours to get all that done in :s

I would love to get Nana’s package in transit to her tomorrow, either Purolator or CP.
Scratch that I MUST get Nana’s package in transit tomorrow, so I might need to do the actual sewing and just have her do the planning and decorating.

On another note, I have approximately 46.5 working hours left before I am on Christmas Vacation. Double YAY 😮 🙂 And based on my wonderful experience at Dressew today, I definitely need to make a stop there next week and pick up some stuff for projects while Kylee and I are on vacation, I am thinking curtains! clothes! bags! AWESOMENESS!

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It’s been way to long……… House Update

So we moved, we survived and we painted………

I have some before pictures and some after, all taken at night! on an iphone so the quality is bleech but I promise to put up some new ones once we are a bit more settled, cause apparently someone told me I can’t live out of boxes forever………….ABSURD, cause we all know if I try hard I can do anything. So that’s my update, I love the colors and all we have left is trim and to finish Kylee’s room 🙂


After: (severely Lacking I know but I promise soon!)

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New Puppy!

We decided before we got Vegas, that we would have two dogs, but would wait a year in between. This past weekend we came across a little guy I couldn’t not have so we have a new member of our family!

So welcome Rambo to our family, we can’t WAIT to bring you home on Saturday

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